Beautiful Dubai escorts for residents and guests of the UAE

For most Europeans, the capital of the UAE is associated with the dream of a wonderful future. Today Dubai is the youngest metropolis, which is a symbol of human progress. Everything that the "rest of humanity" is striving for has long been translated into reality in Dubai. This is an infinite number of beautiful skyscrapers of the most unusual shape, it’s the largest shopping center in the world, which is also the tallest building in the capital of the UAE, and it’s the largest artificial island on Earth. And, of course, a journey into a wonderful future is impossible without a beautiful companion.

The cost of escort services

The popularity of escort services in Dubai is explained by local customs and legislation. The UAE is a Muslim country where it is not customary for women to show their faces. Therefore, girls from Europe, especially blondes, are perceived by locals as exotic and especially appreciated. The services of women from India and Pakistan are much cheaper. It should be noted that residents of the UAE prefer girls with a natural appearance, without inflated lips.

On the websites of Dubai escort agencies, you may find girls for every taste and color from South and Southeast Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, North America and Russia. Prices for escorts of dubious quality start from 50 AED UAE per day. Prices for elite VIP escorts may reach 3000 or even 5000 AED UAE per hour. The websites of premium-class escort agencies feature high-quality photos and prices for all types of services offered, including group sex and BDSM.

Personal escort implies the full maintenance of the girl during her stay in the customer's house. But in this case, she should only serve him. The main task of the girl is not only to provide high-quality customer intimate service, but also to demonstrate her constancy – the girl should not give the client a reason to doubt her loyalty.

Thus, the hiring of escort in Dubai justifies itself, increasing the popularity of agencies providing relevant services.

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